NCPD helps persons with disabilities and their families find a home in the Church, and informs parishes of the many strategies, big and small, that will help make their parishes more accessible. There are thousands of families across the country who have found relief in caregiver support groups, have reached out to a priest for prayers and counsel when their adult child is having a hard time, have enrolled their child with autism in faith formation classes, or have witnessed their loved one who is blind being a lector at Mass. With the right education and support at every level—from NCPD, to dioceses and parishes, to the faithful themselves—such stories can become the norm in parishes across the country. 

Noelle Collis-Devito portrait

"I am so impressed with this platform. It is an incredible resource and as soon as it is launched, I will be enrolling my volunteers to take the modules.  

 I love the structure with prayer, mini-lecture, podcast, and reading. The material is delivered in a very accessible way that provides a deeper understanding of the accompaniment that is central to sacramental preparation."

- Noelle Collis-DeVito

Associate Director, Persons with Disabilities

Archdiocese of Cincinnati